Alessio Premoli
2 min readJan 15, 2023

👋 Hello! I’m Alessio Premoli, fullstack developer, musician and noisemaker from Italy.

I started coding during my university years, and in 2013 started working as a full-time backend developer for a company in the insurance field, using Microsoft technologies such as C# and .NET. In 2018 I became a full-stack developer by learning Angular and React and working in various fintech companies, making dashboards, web and mobile applications, and different tools and utilities. In 2021 I started freelancing: you can have a look at some of my projects on my GitHub page.

My main tools when it comes to coding are Typescript, Javascript, Python, PHP, and SQL and I use different frameworks such as Angular, NextJs, CRA, SvelteKit, and KirbyCMS.

I divide my time between coding and making music. As Chelidon Frame I make experimental electronic, suspended between ambient, drone, and electroacoustic music. One of my main fields of interest is data sonification, transforming raw data into sound to make them more accessible and experience them anew. Since 2019 I presented three different projects:

  • THE LIST, a multichannel sound sculpture that broadcast an algorithmic composition made from the numbers included in UNITED Against Refugee Deaths’ List of Deaths (premiered in 2019 in the main hall of the Bocconi University in Milan, followed by a revamp in 2021 in Venice)
  • COVID-19 DATA SONIFICATION: an online web audio installation that turns the Italian daily numbers of confirmed cases, recovered patients, and new deaths into ever-evolving sound waves
  • THE DRY STONE [no sound of water]: an audiovisual project consisting of a data sonification of the data from the Italian river’s Po draught, a series of reactive visuals, and an electroacoustic improvisation. Premiered at MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan in September 2022 and BASE Milano in November 2022



Alessio Premoli

fullstack developer ~ noises & sound art as chelidon frame ~ data sonifications ~ coding art